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Monday Morning #Haiku 162 & 163 — Scarlet Pimpernels

Scarlet pimpernels
Array of sun worshippers
Petals spread in joy

Scarlet pimpernels
Nondescript weeds on grey days
Petals closed in sulk

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17 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 162 & 163 — Scarlet Pimpernels

  1. We have what are known as California Poppies which do the same thing…spread out under the sun, and shrink back to obscurity when it is cloudy. One of the joys of a sunny day here…good poetry will always elicit memories. This is good poetry.

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    • Yes, we have poppies and various daisy-type flowers that open and close like that. It’s as if the flowers have personalities 🙂 I try to write poetry that elicits happy memories, if possible. My poetry used to be very dark and cathartic for me, but best avoided by others!


  2. Neat how we can see things differently, within one person, one day to the next, and not just from person to person. E.g., my employer for whom I do landscaping doesn’t like sweetpea, which is understandable as it’s probably an invasive (or at least acts like it), but I think it’s quite pretty. Oh, and a funny on myself, I thought I had a plant growing in my planter, lo these couple weeks I’ve nurtured it taller and then, a few days ago, I discover it’s a “weed.” One woman’s trash, another’s treasure I guess! Hope your summer is going well, Sarah!

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    • I love sweetpeas, but they don’t like the chalky, dry soil in my garden. I’ve done that with nurturing a weed, too! My summer is going too fast. I want it to go far slower than winter does…half the speed if possible. I’m doing lots of gardening and the allotment is thriving (plus the weeds, of course!). That sounds fun, that you’re doing landscaping as a job. You must email me and tell me more, when you have a moment. We haven’t communicated for ages. Are you still doing some editing jobs, too? If you look at the foot of my Tanka post of last week, you’ll see that I had a small success with Magpies in a competition. It was the medicine I needed, as I was feeling rather glum about my writing. Lovely to see you over here, Leigh. Your latest post is in my inbox, ready to read, so I’ll be over to you in the next few days.

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      • Thanks, Sarah. I was thinking the same thing about being in-and-out-of touch! Will try to do that (during my) tonight. I’ve got 2 new copywriting clients and of course the kids are on summer holiday, so I don’t get a lot of writing (or reading) for fun done these days.

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      • I look forward to hearing from you at some stage, when life allows you a breather 🙂

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  3. Love the contrasting verses Sarah, which link in so well to how the flower behaves 🙂

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  4. Came by earlier and couldn’t leave a like HUH WP get yir act together. Love that picture and the way you have ‘both’ sides of the flowers in your words xxxxxxxxx

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  5. I love “closed in sulk” like clothed in silk!! I hope you are well!

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