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Monday Morning #Haiku 142 — Solid White


Hard to tell apart
chalk rocks mixed with blocks of ice…
winter assortment.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 142 — Solid White

  1. Very true. Sarah. Love your haiku.

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  2. Dale on said:

    And it looks like a hand with a finger pointing “that way” 😉

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    • So it does! Perhaps it’s part of a giant’s skeleton instead, and not ice or rocks at all. How exciting. Not that I want the archaeologists digging up my rockery looking for more bones 😉


      • Dale on said:

        Perhaps it is! I would keep it under wraps, were I you, as for sure nosy peeps would come and destroy in their quest for more ..😜


  3. It looks like winter is fading to me, a hopeful vision. 🙂

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    • Yes, it is quite warm here this week, although very foggy. I preferred the frosty weather. On the other hand, bring on the sun. My blood tests have just revealed that I’m Vitamin D deficient. On the plus side, another one showed that I wasn’t suffering from mercury poisoning from my amalgam fillings, so that’s good news!


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