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Monday Morning #Haiku 137 & 138 — Elm Stump


~Demise of an elm~
Fungi colonise tree stump:

~January damp~
Slippery tree roots lift paths,
set traps and break bones.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 137 & 138 — Elm Stump

  1. Well steer clear of those roots. They are just waiting there to break our bones. 🙂

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  2. Dale on said:

    Love these!

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  3. These have all the sense of the slimy mud and damp of January in them Sarah. That’s a particularly fertile decomposing tree stump, sadness about the elm but life springing from it.

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    • There’s a bracket fungus on the other side of the stump, but I couldn’t get both sides in one picture. I think fungi are fascinating and rather decorative, although I do realise that honey fungus is every gardener’s nightmare. Did you know that edible mushrooms are really high in vitamin D? Nobody in the UK ever mentions them in connection with this, but in Australia they are a big thing, as believe it or not, lots of Australians are Vit D deficient because they have to plaster themselves in sunblock!

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