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Monday Morning #Haiku 126 & 127


~Midday siesta~
Fox, oblivious to world,
sleeps in Autumn sun.

~Midnight hunting trip~
Fox, alert to every sound,
slinks in moon shadows.

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32 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 126 & 127

  1. Dale on said:

    How very lovely!

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  2. It sounds like he was a busy fellow and quite happy to laze around in the autumn sun.

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  3. kbeezyisviral on said:

    Serene, mysterious, and majestic. I always loved foxes. I saw one walk roughly five feet in front of me once when I was walking home.

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    • I often see foxes up close. There’s one young fox who stands there really close and stares at me if I’m outside after dark. Not a sign of fear at all. Just curiosity. He runs away if he sees my dog, though!

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      • kbeezyisviral on said:

        They definitely have an adventurous side, but if they sense any danger they run away.


  4. I can almost see the movement of the fox in your words here!

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  5. Sunshine Jansen on said:

    This pairing instantly made me feel warm and cozy and drowsy… And could you have cued a more perfectly autumnal backdrop for that lovely coat? Marvelous. 🙂

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  6. What a sweetie he is!

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    • He’s very sweet, but I don’t think he’d appreciate a cuddle! There’s a young teenage fox who is very friendly to me and quite fascinated by the sound of my voice. He likes it when I say “Hello, little foxy” and sometimes moves closer. My dog would be furious to see me talking to a fox in a friendly manner, but I only do so when I’m out the front of my house where she doesn’t go. The neighbours probably think I’m quite bonkers.

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  7. he is lovely- and your haiku. ( I ‘m so behind these days with moving etc!)

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    • Thank you, Cybele. He is a very fine fox indeed:-) I know all about being behind, so have decided recently just to let some things go and prioritise what needs doing and go for it in manageable stages. Otherwise, the failure to complete things will drive me mad and I’ll be forever chasing my tail (which isn’t nice and bushy like Mr Fox’s tail but an invisible yet emotionally weighty presence!).

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  8. What a great shot, Sarah! A great match for your haiku. Was the fox in your garden?

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  9. Poor fox, oblivious that a hunting season is on …

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    • Don’t worry. It’s Mr Fox who’s doing the hunting. Nobody is allowed to hunt him, as such sport is banned in the UK. I think he is a very safe fox, day and night. Most of the ones around our way also seem to have good road sense, which is good as cars can be their greatest potential peril.

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      • Isn’t he one of the fellows who frequent your backyard?

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      • Nextdoor’s backyard. He knows we have a dog, albeit one that is becoming accepting of him and sometimes wags her tail if she can smell him through the fence. I think she’s a bit of a NIMBY, in that foxes are okay as long as they’re in someone else’s garden! She has followed one along a path, at a close distance whilst on her lead, and not gone mad at the sight of it — unlike if she spots a cat.

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      • Wait and she will invite him to play together some day 🙂

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