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Monday Morning #Haiku 103 — Black Swan (1)

Black Swan

Black swan drifts silent,
pauses, S-neck and red beak
a bugle at rest.

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17 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 103 — Black Swan (1)

  1. This is really lovely, Sarah. Have a great week. 🙂

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  2. Really vivid images Sarah, love that image of the bugle at rest!

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    • They are very vocal birds when they get bugling. That swan was in a very peaceful mood when I met her (I’m guessing that she was a female as she wasn’t that large). All she wanted to do was pose for a photo, lucky me!

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  3. such beautiful feathers.

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  4. So much quiet and calm mood-setting here with your word choices, Sarah; and yet, the promise of joy (bugling, that is; I observe my ducks’ ‘joy’ sounds when they’re digging for worms, so I can kind of image a swan’s happy sounds). I love this post. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black swan up close; it looks like s/he has red eyes, too. So neat! This wasn’t at Kew Gardens or something was it? (Excuse my ignorance; never been there!)

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    • It’s the first time I’ve seen a black swan in the flesh and feather. This particular swan was at Pashley Manor Gardens on the border of Kent and Sussex in the UK. The manor house and gardens are owned by a wonderful British gentleman. We went to see his amazing tulip collection in full bloom and happened upon this beautiful swan as an unexpected extra.

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  5. peaceful! perfect words and image!


  6. Nice marriage of photo and haiku.

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  7. I adore black swans. I remember when we used to go on our boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads and how excited we would be as children to see these amazing creatures. I haven’t seen one for ages now. I sneaked a peak and read your reply to Leigh so now I know where you found this beauty! Lovely photo and haiku as always Sarah…love the ‘bugle at rest’ analogy. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend 🙂 xxxx

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