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Monday Morning #Haiku 101 — Field Mouse

Image copyright (c) my brother

 Field mouse pauses
Ebony eyes glisten bright
Trumpet ears alert

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22 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 101 — Field Mouse

  1. That’s a great character portrait in a few words Sarah – and a great catch by your brother!

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  2. Love this one, Sarah. Hope you have a great week. 🙂

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  3. So cute—great capture, Sarah’s brother! And, Sarah, my favorite part of the wordplay is the concluding line: “Trumpet ears alert” is very nice alliteration. Unfortunately, we have a (field?) mouse that’s eating suet in the garage. Haven’t seen him/her in several days, though. I hope s/he left for greener pastures, literally. I never can ‘catch’ them in no-kill traps.

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    • Thanks, Leigh.
      Re trapping the mice humanely, are you talking about those wooden boxes that you entice them into, so you can cart them off elsewhere and let them loose in your enemy’s garden? Only joking 😉

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      • Yes, similar, but they’re a store-bought thing, and if I recall correctly, they are see-through. I try my best to be humane; I’ve let spiders and other wigglies onto my hand and take them outside. Flies, however, I don’t spare the swatter. I got some mice sticky stuff that supposedly doesn’t kill them and will allow me to release them [I go out behind the garden; there’s a nice canal/ditch back there. Nice, that is, if they avoid the snakes]. We shall see.


  4. Cute hakiu though I don’t like mice.

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  5. Fantastic photo by your brother…and love your haiku to match Sarah. Was this mouse in his or your garden, or just out and about? That’s some capture, knowing how fast they are, little scally-wags! Thinking of you my friend… xxxx

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    • The mouse was in a field next to his garden. I think my brother has a very fast lens on his camera. Mice are scally-wags when they get in the house. Out of door, they’re rather cute. Thinking of you, too, my friend, and I’ve just emailed you. xxxx

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      • Haha…’scally-wags’…always loved that saying! ‘Tis true, they are a menace in the house. In one of my American houses, we had an infestation of them in our garage, got into all my Christmas stuff, ate, peed and pooped their way through candles, decorations, stockings, the lot. It stank, all had to go 😦 But I still love them…in the wild!! Wonderful photo, I’ll say it again. And great to be in touch….hope your week is going well my friend… love & hugs… ❤ xxxx

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      • Today has been a good day, Sherri, as the sun was out and my energy came back. Yesterday, I was such a murky dismal that I made the sky cloud over and drop April snow on everyone! Then I went to see my dentist and she cheered me up, as she’s so funny 🙂 …love & hugs xxxx

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      • Ahh…so glad! And yes, thanks for that, we had snow in London when I was at my workshop, lol 😀 I have to say that going to the dentist is definitely not my idea of being cheered up, no matter how funny the dentist. She must be pretty amazing!!! Love & hugs to you for a lovely evening and a good rest of the week 🙂 xxxx

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  6. ohhhh!! lovely wee thing – of course!! Your haiku is superb!

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