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The Traditional Bank Holiday #Scrabble Match

Scrabble Tournament 28th March, 2016

For the last 30 years, I’ve enjoyed countless Scrabble matches with my best friend, Cath.

In the old days, when we lived next door to each other, I won my fair share of games, although the most memorable contest was when we were neck-to-neck, with only a few tiles left to play, and Cath’s cat jumped on the board, sending every letter on the board flying.

Nowadays, our Scrabble matches just take place on Bank Holidays as that’s the only time we can get together due to commitments and travelling distance.

I have to admit that for the last decade, I’ve probably only succeeded in winning two or three games against Cath, ever since she took up reading Scrabble dictionaries for pleasure and playing online tournaments.

The game pictured above was the latest friendly battle, which I lost by 10 marks despite my incredible score of 78 on one turn. This is the highest score I’ve ever managed in a single go, but no reason for complacency opposite such a brilliant opponent. The final score was 258/248.

So how about a little weekend challenge for my fellow bloggers? Who can spot the letters responsible for my proud but short-lived moment of glory when I scored that 78?

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20 thoughts on “The Traditional Bank Holiday #Scrabble Match

  1. I tried to figure it out but no luck this early in the morning. 🙂

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  2. Well done, Sarah! I’m sure if I showed this to my Scrabble-Queen MiL, she’d have the answer in a jiffy. 🙂 I haven’t played for years.

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  3. had a quick look…can’t see it. I really like scrabble…have recently discovered a near neighbour likes scrabble…so now we play about once per week.

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  4. Can’t work it out Sarah – I’m hopeless at Scrabble – considering I’m a writer you’d think I’d be good at it, but I just can’t come up with words to order on a Scrabble board!

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    • Sometimes we take ages over our turns. My friend was tired when I saw her this last time (yet still won!), and I took so long trying to come up with a clever-clever word combination during one turn that she nodded off in the chair. Maybe if you weren’t under pressure to find a word in a hurry, then you could manage, Andrea. I once played one-minute Scrabble and found it most unedifying.

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  5. I love the anecdote about the cat! Reminds me of my mom on July 4. Quiet early evening inside, and she used her walker to go into the kitchen, pour herself a glass of red wine, put it on her walker to get back to her chair. It takes her quite a while, as she moves very slowly in her older age. Finally, she got settled down in the chair. Put up her feet. Picked up her book. Picked up her glass to take a sip. Suddenly, the first fireworks exploded outside in the nearby town. She involuntarily splashed the wine all over her face and blouse, plus on the book. She thought it was hilarious.

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  6. Zigs and zooms! Lucky you to have a standing date and old friend across the board. Toni

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  7. I’ve not played Scrabble for year’s, Sarah, and am hopeless at Word games. If I had to guess I’d say the word Zigs?


  8. Curlews? (About which I know zilch.) My friend Mary, now living long-distance, enjoys Scrabble, too. Actually me also, but the kids don’t like it a lot just yet. They do chess with their dad a bit, tho.

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  9. I thought curlews too but omg because my eyes are getting bad I though curlieques!! Had to read up on Curlews!

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