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Wordless Wednesday — Blackbirds at Dawn

Blackbirds at Dawn

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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Blackbirds at Dawn

  1. Gorgeous image, Sarah. Now I have that Beatles song in my head, except their blackbird was singing ‘in the dead of night’. 😃

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    • Oh, yes, I remember it well. I guess that blackbirds are amongst the first songbirds that open their beaks each morning. For tired out pop stars who’ve only retired to bed in the early hours, I think that it might seem like the middle of the night to hear all that cheeping welcoming in the day’s first chink of light!

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  2. The jackdaws gather at dusk in Normandy, by the hundreds, catching each other up on the gossip of the day.

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  3. You’ve got your own congregation of black birds 🙂 It’s a great picture, we take the dog out before dawn but there’s always a blackbird or two about – I’ve never seen a group like this though!

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    • There’s a whole flock of blackbirds that congregate on the rooftops across the road from me. They have a wonderful view from there that overlooks a recreation ground and woods beyond, so they can keep a good look out for cats and other types of marauders. In the Spring and Summer, they pair off and take up ownership of various chimneys. Often they have early morning meetings with their neighbours. I can watch them whilst having my early morning cup of tea in bed, as my bedroom looks down over the rooftops. They’re very plucky birds and often gang up against seagulls to drive them away. A hen blackbird nesting in a tree in my back garden came under attack by a magpie who was after the newly-hatched chicks. Mrs Blackbird won the argument, to the disgruntlement of the magpie, who sat complaining in another tree for ages afterwards. Birds are so fascinating.

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  4. that’s beautiful..they look like strange foliage or flowers

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  5. Beautiful photo Sarah… xxxx

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