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Monday Morning #Haiku 82 — Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass

Ornamental grass
feathers November skyline:
shifts focus from grey.

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18 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 82 — Pampas Grass

  1. You see, I never would have appreciated grass, wildflowers, or so-called weeds when I was a younger person. But now, as an adult, I think it’s quite beautiful, photo and the words to feather it as well. Love it, Sarah . . . plus seeing the book cover teaser on the blog reminds me how I’m so excited for you and Desiccation!

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    • Thank you, so much, Leigh:-) What’s interesting with many plants (pampas grass included) that they can be considered weeds in their native countries but something special and ornamental in other parts of the world. Am so touched that you’re excited for me and Desiccation! I’m getting very impatient waiting for the proof copy, which was dispatched from the US on October 27. There’s nothing more I can do until it arrives and I’ve checked it through. Have finished preparing my eBook version in MS Word, but can’t convert it to html until I’m sure there is nothing amiss with the print version, such as sneaky typos. By the way, I’ve called you by your Leigh W-S name rather than Leigh W. Smith in the acknowledgements, but if you’d prefer I use the latter, I will change it if I find other things to revise.


  2. Dale on said:

    So that is what it is called!!! I keep taking pictures of them but could not find what they were called. I love when they have a blanket of snow on them… I’m sure you’ll be seeing some in the next few months from me!

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  3. Lovely feathery grasses and beautiful haiku, Sarah. Pampas Grass used to be everywhere in Johannesburg, including on the disused mine dumps, but not any more, since it was declared a noxious weed many years ago.

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  4. Beautiful. All of it.

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  5. So beautiful, I love Pampas Grass, so pretty, and matches your haiku perfectly 🙂 xxxx

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  6. how wonderful- the pampas looks enormous and exotic. Beautiful Haiku and we have some tropical plants here on the mild west coast too but lately grey rain!! – which makes me sad!! 😦

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