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Wordless Wednesday — Wholemeal Rhubarb & Cherry Jam Double Crust Pie

Rhubarb & Cherry Jam Pie with Goats Milk Ice Cream

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Wholemeal Rhubarb & Cherry Jam Double Crust Pie

  1. Dale on said:

    Oh my….

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    • Okay, expert cook, you — does that mean “Oh my, what a cooking disaster” or “Oh my, that is making my mouth water”? Paranoid;-) It tasted good to me!

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      • Dale on said:

        Oh my, that looks amazing and I wish I could do pies! Not my forté!

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      • Apparently, you need to have cool hands to make good pastry (so put your hands in cold water first, if they’re too hot). I don’t seal the pie the traditional way, either. I pinch the outer circumferences of the base and and top of the pie together and fold them over, then use my forefinger and the back of a knife to give the scalloped look to it. I also like to sprinkle demerara sugar rather than caster sugar on the top of the pie. It makes it lovely and crunchy. The main thing is not to be too heavy on the dough when mixing and kneading it, but then not being afraid of it when rolling it out — if that makes sense.

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      • Dale on said:

        It toally does. We once timed my mother. It took her less than 10 minutes to make her dough, slice her apples, add her sugar and top crust and get it in the oven.
        My hands are too hot, so I’ll use a food processor. But it’s all neither here nor there as my body now rejects pie crust – gives me heartburn. Can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart!


  2. I am all clumsy thumbs (at best) when it comes to most bread and pastry making. The banana bread I can do (I hide vegetable–pureed cauliflower–in there for the veggie-averse son), but that’s about it. Husband tried making homemade apple pie in the last year, and it didn’t turn out so well. It’s hard to do crusts and such.
    Anyway, this looks glorious, Sarah. Can’t say I’ve ever had rhubarb pie with cherry jam. You must be a fabulous chef!


  3. It looks lovely Sarah, but I’m one of those odd people that don’t like cooked fruit – I’ll have the pastry and ice cream!


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