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Wordless Wednesday — Exhausted Bumble Bee Revived By Sugar Water

Bumble Bee drinking sugar water

A spoonful of sugar could help our bees

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Exhausted Bumble Bee Revived By Sugar Water

  1. I did this with my youngest daughter. Now she’s convinced that every bumble bee we see is “Daisy”, (her name for our rescued bee), coming to say hello to us.

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  2. A very grateful bee. 🙂

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  3. Poor Bee 😦

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  4. Dorothy on said:

    I often revive bees like this. Often a bit of warmth is all they need then they go on their way.

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    • They are so worth saving but quite a lot of people won’t go near them for fear of getting stung, which is a shame as bees don’t go out of their way to sting people. Last year, when out walking my dog, we passed through a swarm of bees and they just parted in order to fly by us. No stings.


  5. I am so thrilled he revived! what an act of kindness to the smallest of creatures!

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  6. I love bees Sarah and I love that story about the swarm of bees parting to let you through, they always seem like such gentle creatures to me.

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    • Bees are wonderful and we must fight to preserve them at all costs, as the cost of not doing so will be catastrophic. I read today on the news that bees might stop pollinating plants within three generations if we don’t step up our conservation efforts now. Such a scary thought. People need educating. I was so pleased how many people retweeted the link to this post on Twitter, as it tells me that there are lots of humans out there who care and are taking the threat seriously.

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