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Wordless Wednesday — Photographic Abstract “Watched by a Doe”

Doe in Meadow

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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Photographic Abstract “Watched by a Doe”

  1. This photo looks like a painting Sarah! Such a beautiful, sweet doe, you did so well to get this shot 🙂 xxxx

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    • I’ve discovered, Sherri, that if I put my camera lens on zoom for a long distance shot and then, enhance, trim and crop it on Photoshop, it invariably ends up looking like a painting. First time I did it was a mistake, but now I do it purposefully! The doe in my picture stood there, staring at me from across the meadow for ages 🙂 xxxx

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  2. Beautiful Sarah 🙂

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    • Thank you, Andrea. Yes, that doe is absolutely beautiful and well protected, as she lives on my mother’s property, along with a whole family deer. One afternoon when I was visiting, I saw a fawn being fed by its mum in a sunny glade 🙂

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  3. I like this ethereal dreamlike deer. Sweet photo which does resemble impressionism, as Sherri mentioned a painting. Smiles, Robin

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    • Impressionism works so well as a form of expression for the ethereal, doesn’t it, Robin? I thought the deer looked like something out of a fairy story, seeming to materialise out of nowhere to stand there, unmoving, amidst the long grass and wildflowers watching me.


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