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Monday Morning #Haiku 61 — Moorhen Chick (1)

Moorhen Chick #01

Moorhen chick explores,
quick to learn important stuff.
People mean breadcrumbs.

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12 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 61 — Moorhen Chick (1)

  1. Dale on said:

    Looks so soft and fuzzy!

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  2. Perfect Haiku for this sweet little moorhen chick, and I really like the way the sunlight plays on the water. Great photo Sarah 🙂

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  3. aww I must remember to keep mine! She is a fuzzy little beauty!

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  4. Ahhh, how cute! I love moorhens, their clumsy walk and attention-grabbing call. No babies here yet, but they’ve started nesting. I’m a sucker for being mugged for my lunch by birds – it was two swans, a horde of pigeons and a seagull last week (not all at the same time!)

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  5. Great photo, great haiku, as always!

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