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Monday Morning #Haiku 55 — Winter Walk


Boots trudge, squelch, labour,
play dare on slopes of chalk-mud,
trip over tree roots.

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18 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 55 — Winter Walk

  1. Love it. I, too am working on my Monday Haiku… very different from yours!

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    • Must check it out, when I’ve finished with a book submission that’s is too complicated for words. Would much rather be reading your haiku at this minute. Already doing some avoidance of the task in hand, by being on my blog. Self-discipline and focus required.

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  2. Good one, Sarah. Sounds like lots of fun. 😉

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  3. I can imagine this, for sure. Everything’s a mud-ball here right now, as the snow’s been melting away the last 3-4 days.

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  4. Oooops, hope you didn’t trip up and land in all that mud Sarah!

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  5. loving the squelch. It’s very west coast too!!

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  6. Love this!
    I can pretend to be very grown-up and admire the personification of the boots (which indeed I do). Or I can visualise their owner trying to find them – oh those wretched boots off tramping alone again! They’ll be wanting to write a haiku when they come back in.

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