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Wordless Wednesday — Mister’s Mid(?)-life Crisis

MGTF Interior


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18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Mister’s Mid(?)-life Crisis

  1. oh yeah…have owned a couple of MGB, and MG Midget and an MGA in my day but none of them had an interior like this! wow.

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  2. I wonder what Ms’ mid life crisis would be represented by?!
    Emma 🙂


    • Hee, hee, if it were truly a “mid”life crisis, Emma, he’d live to several decades over 100 — most likely a time devoid of cars with petrol engines, but with some alternative form of transport that’s powered by bio-fuel instead 😉


  3. Are you having a mid life crisis in your car?

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    • Now that’s an idea! Get behind the wheel and clear the road of other users at 130 mph.
      PS You’re so funny 🙂

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      • I spend a lot of my time in my car communting and travelling with work so I have many ‘mid life crises’ behind the wheel and at service stations along the M4 corridor. If you are having this type of crisis than I feel your pain!!

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      • Fortunately, I don’t have to commute to work anymore. Now I’m at home trying to work and having a mid life crisis because people keep interrupting me as they think I’m sitting there doing nothing!

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  4. Ohhhh Mister is going sporty! 🙂

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  5. It’s great!! Get yourself a long scarf and a cigarette holder and be off!!!

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  6. Nice! I want one… 🙂

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    • It’s very nice, but I think that shock absorbers have improved since this car was manufactured. Mister is better padded than me, so it doesn’t bother him when the car goes down a bumpy road, but for skinny me it’s a bit of a bone-rattler. He says it drives more smoothly when going fast, although I’ve not dared put that one to the test yet!

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