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Monday Morning #Haiku 43 — Bird Food

December Seeds

Earthworms burrow deep
Ground hard-frozen at midday
Seeds for hungry birds

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12 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 43 — Bird Food

  1. The Juncos are hopping about on my deck pecking at seeds from all the spent potted plants right now. Lovely Haikuing, Sarah!

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  2. So lovely…

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  3. so simple and beautiful!! I love the light shining at the top in the photo!!


  4. Lovely Haiku Sarah! and ohh.. the photo too.. well poems are not my areas of expertise, but i enjoy them. equally! Happy Holidays!

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!


    • Thank you, Swetank. …Maybe you could learn how to write haiku, after you have learned to cook;-) In fact, the two go quite well with each other, but only once you can cook without having to look at a cookery book, as reading instructions while contemplating poetry might prove rather hard on the mind!

      All the best

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  5. This was a sweet reminder of how the birds still need some seeds and I love the idea of our older plants giving them some. Also, the children who make pinecones to hang on branches with peanut butter holding sunflower seeds on them, are so caring to the natural world. A great gift to make all winter long for the birds and little creatures, too.

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