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Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #14 — Old Tin Dish

Old Tin Dish in Woods

At first glance, when I saw this tin dish atop a tree-stump in the woods, it played tricks upon my eyes and I mistook it for an impressive piece of fungi. It has obviously been there for some time as the ivy is doing its tenacious best to bind it to the stump until the last piece of rust has crumbled to red dust.

I wonder who put the dish there in the first place. A forgetful camper, perhaps? Or someone kind enough to leave the birds a bath? Maybe a litter lout? Who knows?

Whatever the answer to these questions, I’m glad to note that Nature is winning the battle with this particular piece of junk.

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17 thoughts on “Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #14 — Old Tin Dish

  1. I think in time nature will win many battles. I like the idea that someone left it for the birds. It would have gathered plenty of water for a time.

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  2. Love the way it looks as though the bowl is cradling the ivy, when actually nature will be breaking it apart.


  3. Well spotted, Sarah. I can see why you mistook it for fungus. At least the ivy adds some beauty to it. 🙂


  4. I always wonder about things like this left in the woods and the reasons why. Nature is having the last laugh though. Although it is nice to think that it was used as a bird bath…


  5. Oh I too mistook it for fungus! Another ten years and it will crumble and mix with forest floor duff.


    • With some decent iron crumbled up in the soil, someone could plant a hydrangea there and get beautiful blue flowers! I live in an area with chalky soil and all the hydrangea flowers are pink. Even if you buy a blue shrub, it ends up turning pink. The only solution to this is to put a load of iron nails in the soil around its roots.

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  6. me too!! I’ve seen old bathtubs used for planters and even an old toilet in a yard with a shrub growing out of it!! – as opposed to St. Francis and garden gnomes etc.


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