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Monday Morning #Haiku 38 — Camellia

Raindrops & Camellia Buds

~ Raindrops suspended ~
Autumn Camellia buds
poised for Yuletide blooms.

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16 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 38 — Camellia

  1. Camellias are a blaze of blood-spewed crimson As a lazy spring day dips past noon,The water mill turns without a care


  2. How beautiful this Sarah…


  3. A moving through the season Haiku very lovely.


    • Thank you. I usually get a bit funny about Winter, but have decided to fight my usually gloomies by focusing on beautiful images in nature and reaching acceptance about it as a valid season of the year!


  4. Really lovely, Sarah. 🙂


  5. Lovely pic Sarah – can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!!!


    • As long as I stay away from the shops, hype, and tinsel, as well as fast-forwarding Christmas adverts on the TV, I might bring myself to enjoy the experience. Present-wise, no going overboard. Just books, usually. No overindulgence in food or drink either: not worth it. Just quiet and relaxed. My dog gets the most excited, about turkey and sausages, and whatever new toy I’ve given her as a present!

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      • Same here – don’t much like the commercialism around Christmas. But I do like the tree and the little lights and here, a feeling of holiday is all over. Lazy evenings, fire’s for braai’s the smell of summer.
        It’s not a bad time, unless you overspend. Then it sucks!


      • Ah, there’s the difference. You can enjoy a “summer” Christmas


  6. these words and the photo brightened my day!!


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