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Wordless Wednesday — Ghostly Reflections

Ghostly reflections Sherrington Manor 01


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10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Ghostly Reflections

  1. oo, very more ways than one..c

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  2. Oh yes, very ghostly. It looks like that ‘ghost’ is walking straight through the window. 😯


  3. An interesting images. It looks both as if looking out a window or the reflection in the window.


    • I took the picture outside a window, and the two ghostly looking men who appear to be inside the swimming-pool building, were in fact outside a window opposite me. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots and I’m not sure if I could repeat it if I tried!


  4. I love these doppelganger-type images, Sarah. Good for you for capturing that. It would make an excellent photo-story prompt as well. (Trifecta did that once, before they folded–and I took part. Think it was my very first Trifecta challenge. Those were the good old days!) I like that there seem to be more artifacts there than just the two guys. The tree looks ethereal, too!


    • Yes, you’re right, Leigh, about it being an excellent photo-story prompt. If you’re missing Trifecta, you’re welcome to use my photo for your guest storyteller piece if you haven’t written it yet 🙂

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      • It’s written longhand, but I haven’t had my usual beta reader take a look at it yet. Gonna try to do that and see if my instincts are right. The photo definitely has such great potential (and already is wonderful as a photo!). 🙂

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  5. what a wonderful photo/story. I want to dive into it.


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