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Wordless Wednesday — English Country Garden Exotica



Bishop's Mitre Astrophytum

Photos courtesy of my mother, who has a gift for growing unusual cacti, succulents, and exotic shrubs.

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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — English Country Garden Exotica

  1. oh kudos to your mother and her gorgeous garden


    • She has some wonderful wildflower areas, bountiful hedgerows, and woodland, too. It’s like a mini nature reserve/ecological paradise. I’ve never seen so many varieties of birds in one place, plus there are loads of different animals, including foxes, deer, hares and rabbits.


  2. how lovely. I bet you love visiting.


  3. Beautiful! 🙂


  4. lovely garden!! Mine ( cactus) flowered once!! lol.


  5. They really are exotic – nice to see the garden!


  6. I have one of those succulents here in a pot – looks like it will bloom not too long from now 😉


  7. Really special!


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