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Yay! It’s Publication Day for Sara Crowe’s Young Adult Novel “Bone Jack” :-)

51OspgEiqZL._SY445_Ash’s dad has returned from war. But he’s far from the hero Ash was expecting. He’s close to a breakdown, lost in a world of imaginary threats. Meanwhile, Ash’s best friend Mark is grieving and has drifted away into his own nightmares. Ash’s only escape is his lonely mountain running, training to be the stag boy in the annual Stag Chase.

But dark things are stirring. Ghostly hound boys prowl the high paths, and in the shadows a wild man watches. Ash begins to wonder if the sinister stories about the Stag Chase are true. Could Mark and Dad be haunted by more than just their pasts?


Sara Crowe is a writer and photographer. She was raised in various parts of England. In 2012, she and her partner set off in a camper van and have been travelling around Britain ever since.
Her interests include folklore, collecting and using vintage cameras, nature and wildlife, and going for long walks with her dog.

She blogs at

Bone Jack, her debut novel, is published by Andersen Press/Random House

It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions in the UK and Commonwealth countries from Amazon, Waterstones, and all good bookshops.


Sarah P. says: I’m so excited for Sara having arrived at this great day. We first met on an on-line writing colony before she had an agent or a publishing deal, so to see her travel this journey to success is such an inspiration. She’s a very talented writer, whose rich and haunting prose, world-building and characterisation will delight young and old alike.

In the next couple of months I will invite Sara to my blog for an author interview, when those of you who’ve read  Bone Jack will have the opportunity to post mini reviews in “comments” and put your questions to her.

Wishing all the best 🙂


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28 thoughts on “Yay! It’s Publication Day for Sara Crowe’s Young Adult Novel “Bone Jack” :-)

  1. I’ve been waiting for this one to come out! Can’t wait to get my copy!


  2. Robin and Sandra Walker on said:

    Well done, Sara. The big day at last. You must be fizzing like a bottle of bubbly today. I’m sure you’ll have the success your great writing deserves. All the best.


  3. Nik Morton on said:

    Congratulations, Sara – and Sarah – on this release. Wishing you much success.


  4. Well done Sara and Sarah! Been looking forward to reading Bone Jack and I’ve got my copy now (possessively holds her Kindle)


    • It’s well done to Sara, indeed!
      I have to wait for my copy for 2-3 days, but probably just as well, as my son is visiting for the weekend and I might have failed to give him as much attention as usual.
      At the moment I’m reading what must have been Jo Nesbo’s first book. It’s not nearly as good as his later novels, while our own Sara Crowe has managed to come up with a brilliant debut novel. So well done, Sara. You’ve outdone a famous author!

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Sue, to cheer Sara on 🙂


    • Thanks, Sue!


  5. Such a lovely writer, such a lovely book! Go Crowie!


  6. The book sounds wonderful! Wishing Sara the best (and nice of you to highlight the book here for the rest of us too, Sarah with an ‘h’!).


  7. Happy Release Day, Sara!


  8. A huge thank you to Sarah for putting this up on her blog. It’s much appreciated!


  9. I have the ebook for me and the paper book for my 14-year-old bookworm. We are both loving it.


  10. I wondered what had happened to Sara – I used to follow her Boneland blog, which I loved, didn’t realise she’d moved!


  11. Hi Andrea! How are you? Yes, I shut down that domain and moved to the


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