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Wordless Wednesday — Yummy Goat’s Milk Ice Cream :-)




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16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Yummy Goat’s Milk Ice Cream :-)

  1. What a great shot! So cute!


    • She is cute and in food dreamland 🙂 I love the way she steadies the pot with her paw, rather like a person would with their hand.


      • Has springtime come to your neck of the woods, Sarah? HAve the winter storms passed?


      • Yes, Naomi, spring is definitely in the air. I’ve even sat outside for lunch a few days running, and gone for walks with my sleeves rolled up and no coat or hat. And a dove was busy in my garden today collecting twigs today for a nest, which is definitely a good sign.


      • Lovely! I think our climates are very similar. We are enjoying sunshine and 60 degrees (F), after a long gray rainy stretch.


  2. so adorable!!


  3. Beautiful and lovely shot 🙂 She really enjoyed her ice cream 😀


  4. Fabulous Photo


  5. She’s beautiful. How old?


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