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Wordless Wednesday: Rottingdean — One Village, Three Centuries





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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Rottingdean — One Village, Three Centuries

  1. progress….not always a good thing!


    • No, indeed it isn’t. I took that last photo through the car window while stuck in a traffic jam — and that’s in November. You can imagine what it’s like in the Summer, being on the south coast road and on the main bus route. There is a conservation area of the village, too, which is quite unspoiled, although full of tourists sometimes. It was also where I lived for the first two and a half years of my life, so am hoping I’ll be yet another famous writer associated with the village one day!


      • a two-fer they call that in the U.S.
        There are places here that we’ve been so glad to visit in “off-season”. Nothing I hate more than being in a crowd, especially one that includes a lot of kids!


      • I do wish that kids came with volume-control switches. Now I’m sounding very old, but when I was a child my mother always told me when we went out that little children should be seen and not heard. Nowadays, the little darlings seem to rule ok, but there it is. Like you, I’m not into crowds.


  2. Lovely juxtaposition of images Sarah and yes, not good progress!


    • Traffic jams are such a waste of life, except I suppose without that particular one, I’d not have been able to take a photo. But please note, I was the passenger and not the driver at the time!


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