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Allotment haiku #4


Hiding under-leaf
~ polished stripes, juicy centre ~
July’s first marrow.

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8 thoughts on “Allotment haiku #4

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Wonderful celebration of a productive garden!


  2. Oooh so exciting – and probably my favourite vegetable.


  3. Looks yummy!!!
    Hope we’ll get a glimpse of it after you’ve cooked it Sarah 🙂


    • I’d already eaten it by the time I saw your comment! Very scrumptious, too. Quite different from the shop-bought ones, and, somehow, eating home-grown produce leaves one feeling more energised.

      Marrow in the picture was served with new-season English leg of lamb (that sounds very posh and expensive, but was on special offer!), plus allotment spuds, roasted with garlic, as well as allotment broad beans and spinach. Not forgetting, the allotment rhubarb crumble and goat’s milk vanilla ice-cream. And a glass of red wine.

      Unfortunately, no help with the washing up afterwards (dishwasher broken) as Mister was feeling too contented to move from his chair. But I’ll forgive him, as he does most of the hard work on the allotment.


      • Wow! That does sound like a meal and a half – Don’t blame Mister for feeling contented!


      • I love it when we can say that the food we are eating is home grown or straight from the allotment. Gives you such a sense of satisfaction. 🙂


      • Yes it does, indeed. The shop-bought stuff tastes quite anaemic in comparison. We’ve not had much fruit, as we only took over the allotment last September. The rhubarb has been the most abundant. There’s also been a few strawberries, which is good, as they’re not meant to fruit in the first year. And the odd raspberry, too. Had a handful of gooseberries yesterday as well. All very exciting, and, as you say, satisfying.

        I love your blog. Just been over there and started following you 🙂


      • Thanks for following me. 😀


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