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Tanka #17


Reflected in glass,
the hooded photographer.
~ another kingdom ~
Vegetation, blooms, phantoms:
Spring’s sun-captured window art.

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7 thoughts on “Tanka #17

  1. Hello, SarahPotterWrites. Thank you for this terrific tanka…


  2. Spring – such abundance and riotous growth – beautiful!!
    Both words and pic 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂

      That reflected image in the window of the rockery plants (and the washing on the line) really drew me into it. I was sitting in my favourite chilling-out place on the steps outside the kitchen window, eating a sandwich at lunchtime, and the sun was in just the right place to create this other world. Perfect.


  3. Hi honey 🙂

    I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award!

    Please don’t feel obligated to accept, but if you want to, the info is here:



    • Hi Vikki. Thanks ever so for nominating me, and, of course, I accept 🙂 Always glad to inspire!

      Will post something on my blog in due course, but am being disciplined about finishing my novel, so please bear with me for a few days.

      Have a happy weekend xox


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