For The Love Of Haiku

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Hark, you square-eyed kids!
Teletubbies sent packing.
Spring means outdoor play.


Come and join in with the happy springtime fun at, not that I’m encouraging you adults to have square eyes! And, as for those Teletubbies, I don’t intend to invite them into my garden in a hurry, if they’re in the habit of trampling on the flowers like that. Grumpy old woman, me 😉

Author: Sarah Potter Writes

Sarah is a British eccentric who writes offbeat fiction, haiku and tanka poetry. When stuck for words, she sketches or paints instead. She's into nature conservation, sustainability, gardening, dogs, natural health, and reading. Her sociability is something that happens in short bursts with long breathing spaces in between.

8 thoughts on “For The Love Of Haiku”

    1. See, Dolly, how the lack of spring in the UK has got to me! The wind chill factor is -5 degrees C today — a north-easterly that bit through four layers of clothing when I went for a walk and is determined to kill the daffodils without any help from visiting Teletubbies 😉 xoxo


  1. Grumpy or not, I won;t invite the Teletubbies over either – just because they’re almost more irritating than Barney!!
    Hope spring does not take too much longer Sarah 😉


  2. Nice one! On another note, I once daycared children for five years and still see them, they are closer than my own nieces, nephews, etc. When they were wee, I limited tv so that the eldest told their mom when she came at day’s end for them, “Her won’t let us watch TB. Her says we’re gonna get squared eyes!” You and I keep having this connection I love, Sarah, it comes from nowhere and everywhere at once. Such good writing yet again … but then… I am biased… just a wee bit, lol 😀


    1. For the first five years of my daughter’s life, I didn’t have a TV, and I remember one of her friends coming round to play and asking me where I’d hidden the telly. My home soon got the reputation of being the place where fun things happened–lots of imaginary games, books, puppet shows, drawing, making things etc. Eventually I bought a little black and white telly, but it was never the centre of things. Neither is the one I have now. It’s a very old-fashioned set, where the subtitles of all my favourite Scandi-crime shows disappear off the side of the screen, but who cares? At least no burglars would be bothered with pinching the set, except if they were into antiques 😉


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