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For The Love Of Haiku

target exercise
more meteorites coming
aliens assist

My haiku for this week’s fun challenge at is news topical! For those who didn’t catch the Russian meteorite story on Friday, here’s your chance to check it out at

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10 thoughts on “For The Love Of Haiku

  1. cheeky, cheeky one but some kind of heroic too 🙂 Thanks Sarah! xoxo


  2. As always, you have a great way with haikus, Sarah!

    And the photo evokes both fantasy and contrast (b/w classic archers and high-tech UFO); timely also, considering that Russian incident. My 7-yr old granddaughter giggled excitedly when she saw the image of Princess from “Brave”.

    Have a nice day!


  3. Interesting stuff – imagine a visit from actual aliens 😉


  4. Good that the aliens are assisting:)) nice work


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  6. This is really cool, I didn’t know there was a Haiku about the meteor! Thanks for such a fresh and artsy perspective 😉 I’ll be keepin’ an eye on ya


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