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For The Love Of Haiku

In the split second
when everyone turns their backs,
a mermaid appears.

To see what others are saying about Underwater World and how you can join in by composing a haiku of your own, visit adollyciousirony at

You can find out how the Art Game players put together the image above at

For those of you who are new to “For The Love Of Haiku” — this is a weekly fun event open to everyone, including people who’ve never attempted writing haiku before.

Happy New Year to all, and three cheers to adollyciousirony and the Art Game players!

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9 thoughts on “For The Love Of Haiku

  1. Your haiku always amaze me to come up with our unusual Art Game images… hehehe… You are really quick on the uptake 🙂 Merci… mmwahh!


  2. As always, Sarah, you found a perfect description.


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  4. She does indeed!….but remains elusive…


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