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Autumn haiku #7

Bright berries abound.
Solstice larder for the birds
when frost captures worms.

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7 thoughts on “Autumn haiku #7

  1. Beautifully capturing the season. Lovely photo too!


    • Thank you, Naomi. So far, I’ve taken all my photos on my mobile phone, but have just had a camera for my birthday, so who knows what pictures will be coming soon? Can’t wait to get some telescopic shots of birds and butterflies. Got to get my head around all the instructions first.


      • I get such enjoyment from taking photos. As a poet and a storyteller, you will see stories everywhere, and you will have the perfect photos to pair with your literary works. And sometimes a photo tells a wordless story that is just as eloquent and stands alone.


  2. Lovely. And the frost is capturing the worms today. X


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