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A something haiku #1

Sheets dance–a new day–
the night’s secrets cleansed and aired,
its ghosts blown away.

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11 thoughts on “A something haiku #1

  1. lovely! there’s something special about sheets hanging out on the line. And somehow this captures the cleansing away of the dark night of the soul.


    • Thank you 🙂 And I agree totally with what you say. I’ve had some quite perfect moments of absolute equilibrium, if not spiritual uplift, while hanging washing on the line! Would never use a tumble drier. Apart from the amount of electricity it uses, clothes seem so much fresher if allowed to dry naturally.


  2. Very lovely. Thank you. Hope you are well. Within the next week I hope to get better internet connectivity via my library.


  3. Dark night of the soul maybe, flag of conquest also – a certain sensuality – nice concept whispered well…ps – posted of course!


  4. Dear Sarah, this piece captures so much! I will never look at sheets on a line the same way again. It is my new favorite haiku.


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