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Artistic Interpretation of Haiku (Picture 6)

Julian Sutherland-Beatson will be showing a new collection of his responses to my Haiku poems as part of the Eastbourne Painters’ exhibition at the Birley Centre, Eastbourne. For full details of this and other exciting events, please have a look at the Eastbourne Festival 2012 brochure, which is available to view or download from

The Eastbourne Painters’ exhibition is open every weekend and bank holiday during the festival from 7-29 April, up until June 11th.

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9 thoughts on “Artistic Interpretation of Haiku (Picture 6)

  1. That’s very cool. Congratulations!


  2. This one is my favourite of the lot so far. There’s a gentle beauty and wisdom about it that resonates with me.


  3. This looks like a great event, Sarah. How wonderful that you are a part of it. I love the idea of artistic interpretation of haiku–and if all of them are as wonderful as the amaryllis art/haiku pairing, then it will be a great show indeed. Congratulations!


  4. Thank you:-) Yes, I’m very excited about this. Julian hasn’t unveiled all the paintings to me yet, so I’ve no idea which of my haiku poems he’s chosen to respond to.


  5. I love the pink colours in this one. All in all very lovely.


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