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A behavioural haiku

New seat in the park…

They reflect upon nature

and wait for vandals.

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3 thoughts on “A behavioural haiku

  1. So pleased that you don’t feel obliged to conform to the Western view that a haiku must have seventeen syllables. It doesn’t, of course. This one has just the number that it needs, and I like it very much.


    • That was unintentional those extra syllables in the last line. Thanks for pointing it out:-) I will now remove the two words ‘to come’ this minute. It means the same, and I do like to keep to the rules.

      Today, I thought of a haiku, but am trying to decide if the word “territory” is classed as three or four syllables. On paper it is four, but most people say it “terri’try”.


      • You didn’t really have to change it. There are no rules about syllables in Japan. A haiku is just a short poem.

        According to the Oxford Spelling Dictionary, the -ory bit of “territory” appears to be one syllable. I would probably count it as two. Difficult one. “When in doubt, don’t” often being a useful guide for me, I would try to find another way of saying it. Which is capitulation before a problem. You might be made of sterner stuff than I!


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