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Juvenile fiction/animals/dogs
Juvenile science fiction/adventure

Middle grade crossover fiction 


Noah Padgett’s new stepmother treats him as the worst inconvenience in the world. She wants him to disappear out of her life, along with Bluebell, the nuisance puppy his father bought him for his birthday. Her wish comes true, after he clicks on a rogue computer link and vanishes.

Mad entrepreneur Monsieur Percival Poodle is the self-appointed ruler of Zyx, a dimension where Canis sapiens is the predominant species.  Percival likes to collect alien specimens, and two of them have just arrived in his dimension from Earth. One is a primitive four-legged chocolate Labrador and the other a human boy.

Mercenary Lurcher Sergeant Salt works for the highest bidder and makes it his policy to extract maximum profit from jobs, which means selling his alien captives one at a time, even if they’ve arrived as a pair.

Rendered unconscious, Noah wakes up in a high security hospital for insane Canis sapiens, without apparent means of escape and no idea where Bluebell has gone. He soon discovers that the psychiatrists are nuttier than the patients are, and that nobody in charge will give him a straight answer. But they’ve underestimated his ability to bond with his fellow inmates and his determination to achieve the impossible.


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Desiccation cover (small)

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 Juvenile science fiction/aliens
Urban fantasy
Young adult crossover fiction


Janet Beckett is a science scholarship girl who believes there’s a rational explanation for all paranormal phenomena.
There is, if you happen to meet a know-it-all hippie pixie who lives in a dimensional transcendental toadstool.

Samantha Hamilton-Brown thinks she is 1960’s Queen of the Universe and can do as she pleases in her role as new head girl of Toffdene boarding school.
She can, until aliens cut her reign short and screw with the minds of almost every student and teacher in the establishment. 

Joe Buckell is leader of a delinquent mod gang and fancies getting his end away with some hoity-toity daughters of the élite. 
He does, but not in the way he hopes.



“Quirky, fun and weird in an excellent fashion! …In movie terms, if you were to blend that feel with a sinister, twisted and creepy, but at the same time psychedelic and trippy version of Alice in Wonderland, then you’d be half way there. At times I felt I was myself being caught up in some sort of hallucinogenic dream”.

“I was a huge fan of Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers series when I was a little girl and this book has made me nostalgic enough to read them all over again. The tone and language of this book is very similar to the old boarding school novels, when girls go for walks through meadows to picnic on boiled eggs and sardines. It just happens that this boarding school includes mind-altering aliens and some very odd sexual tendencies (ok, maybe not that odd. We’ve all heard the rumours)”.

“The plot weaves some interesting elements, yes from science fiction, but there are nuances of fantasy, thriller, teenagerisms, and a glimmer or two of erotic undertones that were unexpected and refreshing. …Desiccation is indeed very British, and a reminder that not all science fiction has to be about star ships, lasers and one dimensional bad guys who want to kill everything for a random clichéd reason”.



plus other Amazon sites worldwide*

(*Please note that in some countries, the book might only be available on Kindle).

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