Interview: Jamie Noble Frier, Science Fiction & Fantasy Artist

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome the super-talented artist Jamie Noble Frier to my blog. Many of you have already expressed admiration for the front cover he created for my novel Desiccation. It’s my belief that unless Indie authors are blessed with artistic talent, it’s a worthwhile investment to commission professionals to produce their book covers for them. Jamie … Continue reading “Interview: Jamie Noble Frier, Science Fiction & Fantasy Artist”


Cover illustration and design (c) Jamie Noble Frier —     GENRE(S)  Science fiction/aliens Urban fantasy [For readers minimum age 14 and adults] DESCRIPTION Janet Beckett is a science scholarship girl who believes there’s a rational explanation for all paranormal phenomena. There is, if you happen to meet a know-it-all hippie pixie who lives in … Continue reading “Publications”

Contemplating a #New Year #Book Blog Tour

Publication Day for my Urban fantasy novel Desiccation in mid-December came and went without much panoply on my part. This was mainly because I was suffering from post-flu exhaustion and felt in no mood to uncork the champagne, let alone shout from the rooftops. Despite this, a modest number of wonderful people — some of them my … Continue reading “Contemplating a #New Year #Book Blog Tour”