Dreaming #Covid_19

Two nights ago, I experienced my first Covid-related dream. Often, if a dream is memorable enough to stay in your mind for hours after waking, you realise its fragmented storyline was a weaving together of snippets out of your previous day, things you’ve read or experienced in the past, and whatever is your present chief preoccupation.

My pandemic dream was interesting, to say the least. Someone had drilled through rock layers and accidentally released the Covid-19 virus from the age of dinosaurs into our time. Thus scientists concluded that this virus caused dinosaurs’ extinction — Β the event known as Cretaceous-Tertiary — and would be the cause of humanity’s extinction, too. I thought to myself (still in my dream), Okay, this thing is too big to fight, so best to enjoy myself while I can, out in the sunshine hopefully prolonging my life with Vitamin D. Then I went on to dream about a rather fine Jaguar convertible sports car.

Isn’t the mind great? I realised the drilling part of my dream originated from the fact that several oil drillers had started following me on Instagram, despite my profile making it clear that I am into conservation and nature. Of course, if you’re into eco stuff, you’re bound to think about extinction quite a lot, so the dinosaur theme is a logical extension of this. As for the car, I have long held the mistaken belief that oil comes from dead dinosaurs: however, since my dream, I have discovered it comes from decayed marine organisms. Never too late to learn!

Has anyone else had any Covid-related dreams they would like to share?

Author: Sarah Potter Writes

Sarah is a British eccentric who writes offbeat fiction, haiku and tanka poetry. When stuck for words, she sketches or paints instead. She's into nature conservation, sustainability, gardening, dogs, natural health, and reading. Her sociability is something that happens in short bursts with long breathing spaces in between.

19 thoughts on “Dreaming #Covid_19”

  1. i’m a bit jealous, truth be told. I don’t remember my dreams. I might remember one every six months, but that’s it. so COVID or no COVID, I’m a bit envious of your dream. πŸ™‚ There’s the basis for a good short story there, me thinks.

    Anyway, Happy Dreaming, my friend. Stay safe, be happy, and thank you for your friendship.


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    1. I don’t often remember my dreams these days. Only the interesting ones! I used to have vivid all the time that involved whole, often complex plotlines, but those were in the days when I didn’t sleep so well. Now I go out like a light the moment I hit the pillow and don’t wake up for exactly 7 hours. Two of my novels have evolved from a dream, so yes, there is a basis for a story there.

      I hope you have a brilliant and memorable dream soon, my dear friend. You stay safe, too.
      Sarah πŸ™‚


    1. The trouble is, Andrea, I haven’t been able to write a thing for many months, even before the pandemic began. I expect my writing mojo will return when it’s good and ready to. It’s no good me pushing it. There’s a season for everything. At the moment, I’m enjoying the sun and growing things in my garden, while contemplating the meaning of life πŸ™‚

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      1. It’s been on and off Sarah. I was always drawing when I was young, then school put me off art, then I started again properly when my mother was ill about 10 years ago now, but I haven’t done anything for quite a while until now!

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  2. It does sound like a good story, Sarah! I have had one dream related to the current situation. In the dream, I try to go to a restaurant, but there are crowded tables, too many people. I am dismayed because I have my journal and a book, and I plan to read and write somewhere. Before I can exit, people crowd around me and I can feel their breath, as they are too close to me. Woke up before it became too much like a horror film, though it was headed that way. By the way, I did order your book for my precocious and wonderful eleven-year old honorory niece, and I am eager to hear her thoughts about it.

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    1. Oh dear, Carla, that does sound like rather a freaky dream. I’m not into crowds at the best of times, especially in enclosed spaces, but loads of people breathing potentially lethal germs over me all at once would send me into total meltdown. Thank you so much for ordering my book. I do hope your honorory niece enjoys it. You ought to read it, too, as quite a number of adults have read and enjoyed it πŸ™‚

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  3. That was a wild dream indeed! I, too have (well I was, now that I think of it) dreaming a lot… know I’m dreaming and wake up and poof! gone. Strange feeling that… knowing and then not remembering the what.

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    1. The “poof! gone” thing happens to me most of the time, especially as my dog has taken to yowling for her breakfast at 6.30 most mornings, driving all thoughts out of my head but getting out of bed fast before she wakes up all the neighbours. I don’t know what has got into her. She should know better at the age of 12 than to mimic those Baskerville Hounds.

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      1. LOL! And not cool. The damn cat and dog have been doing the same to me – sans howling.. Zeke paces and Kat meows (though she has been choosing to stay outside overnight which gives me a break).


  4. Dear Sarah,

    Wow, even your dreams are quirky. πŸ˜‰ The closest I’ve come to COVID related dreams have been those of being back in the pool. Since I had a rant last night about the word pandemic, it played out in my sleep. Aside from that, other than being a raw nerve this past week I haven’t really had many related dreams. Like Dale, if I have, I don’t remember them. Good read your words. So, is this fodder for the next novel?



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    1. Dear Rochelle,

      That’s me — quirky through and through! I’m so sick of this pandemic. It’s the idiots who don’t know the meaning of social distancing. I don’t want them on my space and the b*****s just don’t get it. A woman barged past me this morning on her mobile phone totally oblivious to the 2m rule. She was talking total twaddle, too.

      Next week my son and I are going to have an art workshop of our own, to soothe our nerves. There are two really good art programmes on TV to watch on catch-up. One of them is a series of live life-drawing sessions, nude models and all. I did life drawing for one of my final exam options at school many decades ago. I also love drawing portraits and used to sketch various popstars to order for my fellow pupils.

      As for my next novel — I’m feeling a bit dispirited on the writing front. It’s not easy placing quirky books with publishers and agents at the best of times. Now they’re going to be even less likely to take a risk on my stuff.

      We must have a girls’ chat very soon. I might be able to manage tomorrow (should have mentioned that to Dale when I just replied to her comment). You two have a liaise and let me know. Otherwise, next week would be fine (not Tuesday) but any other afternoon around 2pm for me and morning for you (I’ll leave you to work out the time your end).

      All best wishes,


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