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Monday Morning #Haiku 194 — Tulips (03)

Multicoloured splurge
That declaration of Spring
~In love with tulips~


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18 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 194 — Tulips (03)

  1. So hoping Spring is finally here. Lovely piece Sarah. Gorgeous tulips.

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    • Thank you, Shey 🙂 Has Spring arrived at your end of the country? We have a cheeky little micro-climate where I live, so it can be a month ahead of other places in the UK. That being said, there’s a downturn in the temperature today. Back in woolies and socks, and I was so enjoying wearing my shorts, t-shirt, and big sunhat at the weekend. The flowers still look great, though, despite the onset of grey, and the birds are singing merrily at the top of their little voices.

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  2. We have big tulip festivals here where I live….incredible displays of vibrant colors….and your haiku, of course, captures it perfectly in a minimalist sort of way.

    Wishing you a brilliant week, my dear friend!

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    • Yes, I remember about your tulip festival, as you mentioned it last year when — as usual — I posted some pictures of another variety of these awesome flowers 🙂 Lucky you. I would be in my seventh heaven attending such a festival.

      Wishing you a brilliant week, too, my dear friend.


  3. So wonderful! I can tell you that Yes! Here the leaves of my tulips have sprouted… there is definitely a spring-like feeling in the air finally.

    Lovely pictures and haiku!

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    • Thank you, Dale 🙂 I’m so pleased that spring is on its way for you.
      Sorry I’m being so neglectful of you and Rochelle lately. Time is flying by and I still haven’t finished my project, as my head is on go-slow. Will emerge from my shell before long, I hope. Then we can have a big catch-up and will probably be on Skype for several hours, to make up for lost time 😉

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  4. This is as beautiful as the flower arrangement. Have a great Monday Sarah.

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  5. Love tulips, and these are really magnificent. Wonderful haiku, Sarah. 😃

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