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​Introverts Hate Shallow Socializing, Not People.

I love this post by Emmanuel Rockan. a fellow introvert. He has made me very happy today. It is so good to hear someone describe how I feel about life, better than I can describe it myself 🙂

Life lessons

There is a big difference between being lonely and being an introvert.

There was this girl back in college who used to think that I was unhappy or lonely just because I was always in my house.

What she didn’t know is I actually enjoyed staying in my house alone.

Up to this very moment the only life that I’ve ever wished for is having a good house with a rooftop where I can enjoy watching THE MILKY WAY(starts,moon and all in space) at night.

Fast internet, snacks/food of my choice, a luxury car and a chopper for roadtrips when I feel like it.

And a huge library filled with books.

That is heaven to me and I have achieved ½ of that dream life of mine.

Every time I leave the house the more I appreciate being in my house.

There’s a lot of drama outside.

Fake friends, thieves…

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15 thoughts on “​Introverts Hate Shallow Socializing, Not People.

  1. Dale on said:

    I may be an extrovert. May, I said 😉 – but i defibitely appreciate, respect and love a few of you introverts…

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  2. I’ve had one hell of a time explaining this to people. I love humans. I just don’t want to talk to most of them on a shallow level. My time is too valuable to me to waste on mundane cliches which I consider to be dismissive and having the depth of a thimble.

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    • Mundane cliches with the depth of a thimble. Yes, quite, Bill. I somehow thought this post would appeal to you. I read it to my moderately extrovert husband over the morning tea today, just in case he hadn’t grasped by now that he lived with an introvert! My son is also an introvert and, of course, both of us are writers, too.


  3. Amen. I am a member of this club!

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  4. Thank u for that MBIT test link 😍😍😍😍

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  5. I only partially agree with this article. I was always an introvert before my stroke. I was not happy. I was alone because I felt I did better alone and no one really liked me (or so I told myself).
    After the stroke, I became much more of an extrovert. Now, I still enjoy being at home alone and may just remain that way, But, I now have friends and, while they are a small number and many are close, I enjoy being out at times, having fun and learning things.
    So, yes and no.

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