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The Noble Artist Interview

A second Jamie Noble Frier interview, this time by Dave Farmer. For those who don’t already know, Jamie is the super-talented artist who illustrated the book-cover for Desiccation and has now created another superb one for Dave’s apocalyptic zombie horror novel The Range.

Here’s the link for those who missed my interview of Jamie, which asks him completely different questions than Dave’s one, so there’s no overlap.

Dave Farmer


The photo above, dear blog reader, is of Jamie Noble Frier, the legend who crafted the new cover for The Range. Every so often I see a certain style captured in a photo and think: “Wish I could pull off a cool look like that.”

But no. I make do with a picture of me in a hat or a flashy waistcoat instead, smiling awkwardly for the camera.

Ah well. I’m a writer. I don’t get to look cool.

But the artists (those who grab the reader’s attention by the balls before they know squat about the story) have a sort of obligation to look cool.

Although…I guess I could grow my hair a bit. Get some cool shades? Rock up somewhere, read a book, look nonchalant, and everyone will know I ooze creativity from my style alone.

Nah. I’ll stick with my hat. I’m cool in my own head…

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