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Kilimanjaro – Fundraising Expedition

Yay, my blogging and writing friend Dave is going on an adventure next year. He’s climbing Africa’s highest mountain, which is also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. By free-standing, this means that it’s not part of a mountain range. The purpose of this great expedition is to raise money for the Zoological Society for East Anglia (ZSEA).

To find out more about the amazing conservation work the ZSEA does worldwide and learn some more about Dave’s plans, do take time to read his full post. I can guarantee you will find it inspiring in all sorts of ways.

Dave Farmer


See that big mountain? In January 2017 I’ll be climbing it! Not on my own of course, that would be insane. I’m going with two friends from work, together with a group of explorers who aim to raise funds for the ZSEA, Zoological Society of East Anglia

I’ll get this out of the way right now – I am insanely excited about this! More than I have been about anything for a long, looooong time!

And I mean jumping up and down with a lifetime of Christmas days and birthdays rolled into one kind of excited!

My legs are jiggling up and down right now as I write this!

Look at that mountain! LOOK!

I’m going to stand on top of it!

(After months of planning, fund raising, training and the climb itself.)

But how cool is that!!

Okay. I need to calm down.

Dave…WTF? Why? When?

Two weeks ago…

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2 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro – Fundraising Expedition

  1. Thanks for sharing this Sarah! Every day there’s something new to learn about fundraising and indeed training for the expedition itself.

    One way I’m raising funds is via book sales. When my book is relaunched in April I’ll be having a bit of a marketing push that will hopefully generate some sales, of which I’ll be donating every penny to the ZSEA until January 2017.

    Exciting times!

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