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Monday Morning #Haiku 87 — Periwinkles

azure periwinkles

January warmth
Azure periwinkles bloom
Midwinter faux spring

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16 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 87 — Periwinkles

  1. Dale on said:

    You have periwinkles, we have -20!


    • We have +9 today, but it has been as high as +12. It has definitely been too warm to wear my polo neck sweaters. But it’s fairly miserable weather, despite the warmth. Strong southwesterly winds and rain mostly, and no sign of an azure sky to match the periwinkles. Maybe a big freeze will come but, if that happens, I will extremely concerned for any animals tricked out of hibernation by this warmth.

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  2. Hi Sarah, Happy New Year to you! Beautiful words and picture Sarah, there have been lots of unexpected sights here in the last month or so – drizzly today though there were daisies about.

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    • Hi Andrea, Happy New Year to you, too! How wonderful to hear from you after your long break from blogging. I’ve not seen any daisies here, apart from those of the marguerite variety that haven’t stopped blooming in their pot since August! Our lawn is more mud than grass and not a good place for self-respecting daisies to show their faces.

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  3. So lovely, Sarah. 🙂

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  4. thank you. there are a lot of these in Ecuador and I did not know their name.

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  5. Beautiful photo and perfect haiku Sarah for this unseasonably warm January weather. And so wet! I hope we get some decent frost but I wonder how all the wildlife will be affected if we do… xxxxxxxx

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  6. They do imitate Spring lavender phlox and Summer blue cornflowers, Sarah. I like how you thought to add this and sent my mind off into other seasons! 🙂


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