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Unashamed Geekdom

No excuse needed. If I was younger, they’d probably call me a geek. Now they’ll most likely say, “Why doesn’t she grow up?” Well, who cares? I think this cover  to the theme tune from Skyrim (the fifth computer game from Elder Scrolls) is brilliant.

The composer of the music, Jeremy Soule, has written the soundtracks to many films, television, and video games, winning loads of awards along the way. The dancing violinist, Lindsay Stirling is a classically trained musician and the Breton bard, Peter Hollens is a pop singer when he’s not dressed in furs, leather, and brandishing a sword!

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18 thoughts on “Unashamed Geekdom

  1. Dale on said:

    My 15-year old is a HUGE fan of Lindsay Stirling! (as am I)

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  2. Great fun Sarah – it does look like it should be on the Eurovision song contest though 🙂


  3. lilith on said:

    love it! very theatrical!

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    • Yes, I love dramatic stuff set in panoramic, untamed landscapes. When I’m writing, I like to visualise my story and settings as a film, also deciding which movie stars I would like to cast for the parts. A girl can dream!

      About ten years ago, I wrote a musical in two acts and then turned producer and director, to put on two live performances of it. Great fun, but a bit nail-biting at times, getting everybody to turn up to rehearsals and learn their lines/songs in time, as well as sorting out lighting, sound, and staging. Anyway, it got very good reviews in the local paper, as well as cementing long-standing relationships between the cast members, so it was all worth it.


  4. She’s a cutie 🙂 I might even start liking classical music!

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  5. wonderful!! I’m an unashamed geek too. I loved the old Cyan (Rand Miller) Myst and Riven games. They had wonderful soundtracks and amazing imaginative graphics. Of course I’m a huge fantasy and sci fi fan!!

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    • My son is the one who’s really into fantasy games, so I enjoy them second hand, but I agree that there are wonderful soundtracks and graphics. I just asked him about those two games you mentioned. He said that Myst was too complicated for him, which means you win on the super-geek front! One of his favourites was the Final Fantasy series.

      Have you ever played fantasy role playing games? I’ve done the ones sitting around a table and rolling dice, but one of my friends used to do action role playing weekends and was some high-ranking wizard who charged around the woods with a latex sword and a wand. I remember he wore his hair down to his waist and my daughter said he smelled of pine trees.


      • Yes, the Myst series had fascinating puzzles to solve, some quite mathematical, so it was not a fast moving game- but it had a wonderful story element to it which was engaging. It invited you to become a part of it as you unraveled each piece of game play. There could be different endings but unlike some of the online , never ending stuff ( which apparently can become addictive) there always was an end. I thought it was brilliant! But yes super geeky. What you describe sounds like the SCA here. or the Medieval society group! But in answer to you, no I didn’t, though I participated in a couple of Medieval fairs with a friend who was involved. I played her mute shop assistant. It’s a huge commitment to belong to one of those groups.

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      • I’d find it quite a challenge being a “mute” shop assistant, as I’m generally quite talkative!


  6. Well I’m a geek at heart and don’t care what others think of it! Rah, rah, we rock! 🙂

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  7. We all have our geeky moments and loves. They are beautiful ones!


  8. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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