Neglected Structures & Overgrown Place #29 — Part-time Leather Chairs & Secret Reading

Leather Chairs

Throughout the year, these chairs have come and gone from their present position. I reckon they’re family rumpus chairs that are kept hidden from visitors: most especially from snooty relatives coming to stay for Christmas and the New Year.

As you can see, their basic framework is good and the leather well maintained (ignore the bird droppings and rain on them) but, if you look closely, the seat cushions have indents in them, each of them bearing the shape of their usual occupant’s bottom. And just because people are related to one another, it doesn’t mean they all have the same size backside.

Personally, I’ve not hidden any item of furniture from visitors. However, this year I admit to removing a particular novel from the sitting-room when some of Mister’s erudite friends came to our house for a meeting about local arts and culture events. The book was such an embarrassment that, even on Goodreads, I didn’t own up to reading it; although there were two perfectly valid reasons for it being in my possession. Firstly, because my daughter lent it to me and, secondly, because I wanted to know why the darned thing was a bestseller. Let’s just say that I won’t bother with the other two novels in the trilogy and would have given it 2-stars in a review.

What, if anything, have you hidden from visitors?

Author: Sarah Potter Writes

Sarah is a British eccentric who writes offbeat fiction, haiku and tanka poetry. When stuck for words, she sketches or paints instead. She's into nature conservation, sustainability, gardening, dogs, natural health, and reading. Her sociability is something that happens in short bursts with long breathing spaces in between.

20 thoughts on “Neglected Structures & Overgrown Place #29 — Part-time Leather Chairs & Secret Reading”

  1. That’s so funny about the chairs appearing outside every so often. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure I know what book you’re referring to, and although I’ve only read a few comments about it, I think that it probably was wise to hide it from visitors. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also make sure my closet doors are closed when visitors are expected.

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  2. I’m pretty sure I know what trilogy you are hiding. I read all three. Actually I skipped a lot of the graphic stuff. Book three was actually the best. It was more story. I don’t usually hide things from guest any more. Back when I indulged in pot and such I kept that from roaming eyes.

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    1. Reminds me of my novel that’s set in the 60s — an incident when my main character’s architect father has his boss from the local council around to supper and opens the tin he stores his waccy baccy in, instead of the one that contains his guitar plectrum.

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  3. I hide nothing. Well, maybe the dirty laundry ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But, for the most part, when people visit, they get what I get.
    Am I to gather that the shameful book was that Grey effect? To this day I do not understand what the hype is about – it is quite the silliest book I have ever read!!!

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    1. My philosophy entirely (apart from that one time with the “grey” book). Although I did have a bad experience once with a village gossip who happened to be at my house the morning my kettle broke and I had to boil some water on the stove. Afterwards, she went around telling everybody my house was a tip and I didn’t even own a kettle. My house was tidy and clean and so I have never forgiven this woman for her blatant fib. Ever since then, I’ve only invited around people who can be trusted to take me as I am, but I do get rid of the cobwebs first!


      1. I forget about the cobwebs sometimes!!!
        And then I’ll see something moving from the corner of my eye, and then it’s out with the duster!
        As for the village gossip – why do you think I only allow certain people into my house? Only the ones that know me. And even if somebody wants to say something about my house, well, I don’t really care. Not as if they’re paying for it!!

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  4. I’m pretty sure I know what books you are talking about Sarah, and sure I would feel just the same way as you about it/them. As for those chairs, well, not sure what to think…leaving them outside like that by the garage? Well, stranger things have happened… ha ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I usually have lots of little scraps of paper stuffed in one of my top kitchen cupboards: novel-writing ideas and haiku-in-progress, mixed up with food shopping lists. Sometimes, when I open the cupboard in a hurry the papers fall out on me like a shower of confetti!

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  5. I had to smile when I read this post! I like to have a tidy house when folks come over, but don’t worry too much about what they find on the bookshelves. And if anybody wants to peek, I keep a three foot tall skeleton in my hall closet.

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