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Anti-Social Media (?)

This is a most thought-provoking post from Uncle Spike who lives on an isolated farm in Turkey and spends a great deal of time on his own . Do take time to listen/watch the video that goes with this post. It made me think very hard about how we all get sucked into the whole addiction to electronics thing. Wishing you a lovely Sunday, and make sure to talk to someone today while looking them in the eye!

Uncle Spike's Adventures

Social Media; the bane or backbone of modern existence. See it how you will, we have ALL been dragged willingly or with tacit reticence into this bizarre age of instant electronic inhuman sources of gratification. When I say all, maybe not everyone on this planet of ours, sure, but if you are reading this blog post… need I say more?




I happily admit to enjoying the whole social media thing. It’s added a new ‘social’ dimension to my life as what you can only describe as a semi-hermit, albeit a clean and relatively tidy one. I live in quiet existence away from most societal ties, and apart from a few hours between the kid arriving home from school around 5:00pm and his bedtime, I often spend days on end without seeing a soul as my wife works away. In fact, when she and kiddo went to Ankara for…

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4 thoughts on “Anti-Social Media (?)

  1. That video made me laugh, made my cry; all the usual… but it also made me sit up and go “Yikes!”

    Thanks for the reblog Sarah, I hope your readers get something out of it too. Happy Sunday (what there is left of it)


  2. That’s really powerful.


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