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Music Passion — Duets

My music passion for July is Two Daughters of this Aged Stream: a duet from Act IV of the opera King Arthur written by the English baroque composer Henry Purcell in 1691. The libretto for this opera is based on a poem written by Sir John Dryden in celebration of King Charles II’s reign. The words of the duet are quite saucy, as the two sopranos — Michèle Laporte and Marie-Cécile Charrier — are playing the part of sirens.

Two daughters of this aged stream are we,
And both our sea-green locks have comb’d for ye.
Come, come, bathe with us an hour or two;
Come, come, naked in for we are so,
What danger from a naked foe?
Come, come, bathe with us and share
What pleasures in the floods appear.
We’ll beat the waters till they bound
And circle round.


To find out more about adollyciousirony’s monthly musical extravaganza and how you can join in, please visit 
There are no restrictions of genre or decade for this month’s theme of “duets”, whether they’re played or sung.  


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9 thoughts on “Music Passion — Duets

  1. How could any sailor resist? 🙂


  2. Oh Sarah this is so lovely 🙂 Thank you so much for your entry. It really did made me smile! I always enjoy the uniqueness of your Music Passion entries!
    Hugs ❤ xoxo


  3. wonderful!! You find such unique pieces!! thank you for sharing them!!!


    • I like to share what many would consider obscure music but were once the “pop” music of the day, hundreds of years ago. The opera “King Arthur”, which this song came from, was meant to have been Henry Purcell’s most popular one in his lifetime, although “Dido and Aeneas” is the one that’s performed more often in our time.


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