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Which Book Title? Your Votes Please …

I can’t decide which title, of two alternatives, is the best for my literary speculative fiction novel that I’ve talked about in my recent posts The Writing Process Blog Tour  and Meet My Character Blog Tour.

On my PC I have two folders for the same novel: one called His Seed and the other Counting Magpies. Both folders contain the full manuscript, plus various length partials and synopses, but with different headers.

I’d really value your help in choosing the most marketable title and so, all you wonderful followers and visitors to this blog, here’s one of those fun polls that everybody likes to do: the sort that has no strings attached and no hidden agendas, but simply wants your opinion 🙂

Thanks you, folks. Your feedback is most appreciated.

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12 thoughts on “Which Book Title? Your Votes Please …

  1. I love the title ‘counting magpies’ and I always have.


  2. My choice seems to be with the majority. 🙂


  3. Yep, I like Counting Magpies too – it’s evocative, interesting, not obvious – makes me wonder what it’s all about.


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  5. I prefer ‘Counting Magpies’. (And I’m a man.) I think. Or perhaps a small boy trapped in a man’s body. 🙂


  6. “Counting Magpies” for me 🙂


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