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Music Passion – Night

My music passion for April is “One Charming Night” (Secresy’s song) sung by Andreas Scholl (countertenor). This song is from Henry Purcell’s semi-opera, The Fairy Queen, based on William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (1692).

As you can see, the lyrics of the song are most playful!

One charming night
Gives more delight
Than a hundred lucky days:
Night and I improve the taste,
Make the pleasure longer last
A thousand, thousand several ways.

To find out how you can join in with this month’s music passion and to listen to other songs with “Night” in the title, visit

A big thank you to, Phil at Random Thoughts for choosing the theme for April.

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10 thoughts on “Music Passion – Night

  1. Sarah, what I really like about you is I can always count on you to find something great off the beaten path of the main stream. I enjoyed your choice very much!


  2. I agree with Phil, Sarah… Really this song is so lovely and full of charms. I enjoyed it! Thanks 🙂 mmmwahhhh


    • After playing the song half a dozen times yesterday, I got it on my brain, which wasn’t much good as I had to sing some completely different stuff in the evening.

      I’m so glad you found the song lovely and full of charms, Dolly 🙂


  3. Enchanting Sarah and I never would have heard this without your music passion!


    • I always enjoy posting something a bit different for music passion. Also, I enjoy singing Henry Purcell’s music. For me, it’s much easier on the voice (and sometimes the ears) than modern music, apart from folk and blues. I love English Art Songs, too, but didn’t care for the recording of the “night” one that was on YouTube.


  4. Lovely music, Sarah. 🙂


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