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Music Passion

My Music Passion for March is The Dream Song by Joan Baez.

I’ve chosen this song, as a thank you to my English teacher at school — I won’t say how many years ago — who used to bring her guitar into class and sing us Joan Baez songs. Inspired by this, I bought a guitar and worked my way through learning a whole book of Joan Baez in my spare time: that is, in between writing novella-length science fiction or pop star romances for my classmates’ entertainment. For me, my English teacher and the songs of Joan Baez were two major influences in my life, and part of the reason I ended up as both a writer and singer.

You can join in with Music Passion and hear some other songs with the word “dream” in their titles at allaboutlemon.

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22 thoughts on “Music Passion

  1. What wonderful role models……I’m hummin “Had a Dog and His Name Was Blue….”


  2. Hmmm what a lovely dream song… I enjoyed it and I wish to hear you sometimes singing to us… 😀 Thanks for sharing this song with us. It’s an excellent entry in our Music Passion! xoxo


    • When I dare to put up a video of me singing on YouTube, then I can share it with you. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the posh version of WordPress that allows me to post videos or mp3 files direct. Might upgrade sometime.

      Glad you liked the dream song 🙂 xoxo


  3. I always love your song choices. Thanks for filling in a little background as well about some of those memories that forged your persona.


    • Oh Phil, you’ve reappeared again! Good to hear from you. Glad you liked the song and the memories 🙂


      • Thank you. And yes, I seem at times to be more of an apparition than a regular.


      • If you put the word about that you’re an apparition, you might become a tourist attraction!


      • LOL. I don’t think I would enjoy being such an attraction. Far more fun to be totally unpredictable and random in my surprise appearances. Oh the intrigue… 🙂


      • Being fickle, I admit to abandoning your blog again, as your random appearances seemed to have ceased altogether after your encouraging New Year appearance, but perhaps I should hang on in there in the hope of the occasional surprise, or (hint, hint) a regular one monthly contribution to Music Passion 😉

        The fickle-one will now live dangerously and re-follow you!


      • Oh the pressure! And here I thought folks were fleeing my blog because I the thought of being held hostage to an Opera entry was simply unbearable! 😀


      • That definitely wouldn’t be a reason for me to flee your blog!


  4. Have long respected Joan Baez & enjoyed her music. The example set by the teacher was really fine! I hope Joan Baez is able to see this–it would make my day! I hope it makes hers!


  5. Michelle Mueller on said:

    Great choice! Joan Baez is one of my favorite musicians to listen to when I’m writing. And she also, similarly, inspired me to improve my skills on the guitar so that I could play her songs. Thanks for sharing!


    • Her songs are so melodious and pleasing to sing. I’m glad you found her such an inspiration, and still do. I tend to prefer silence when I’m writing. Then I use music for my thinking times in between.


  6. Thanks for sharing this song Sarah – I must admit to not knowing any of Joan Baez’s work, so this was new for me. Your teacher sounds pretty cool, no wonder you were inspired – but I admire your ambition to teach yourself while also being creative in other ways.


  7. Never heard Joan with a string section before — it fits her distinguished temperament when she sings. Is your music on this site as well?


    • Sorry Chris, I don’t have any recordings on line as yet, or any professional CDs. And I’m not doing so many solo recitals these days, but I’m hoping the early music choir I belong to will record something eventually.


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