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Music Passion — Smile

My Music Passion for February is the famous ballad When Irish Eyes Are Smiling sung here by Dennis Morgan in the 1940s movie “Tear Gas Squad”. The ballad was first published in 1912 and comes from a show titled “The Isle of Dreams” — lyrics: Chauncey Olcott and Geoff Graff, Jr;ย  music: Ernest Ball.

Officially, I’m meant to have found a song with the word “smile”, not “smiling”, in the title, but I’m so late joining in with this month’s Music Passion, due to circumstances too boring to dwell upon, that I’ve bent the rules a little. It’s a bit like a case of me choosing to go to a good party wearing the wrong outfit, or not going at all and missing out.

To check out what I’m jabbering on about, you’d best go and find out by visiting allaboutlemon. Then I challenge you find another great “Smile” song that others haven’t selected already.


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10 thoughts on “Music Passion — Smile

  1. This is just perfect Sarah… this song made me smile and smiling… ๐Ÿ™‚ Music Passion wouldn’t be complete without your choice of music… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for this entry Sarah… I enjoyed it very much ! xoxo


    • I think it’s one of those songs that’s impossible to listen to without smiling. And thank you, Dolly for your sweet comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow, I’ll post my For Love of Haiku contribution. And, perhaps, when I’ve got my head around Photoshop, I might even join in with Art Lovers — you never know! First I have to buy and study some sort of “Photoshop for Dummies Guide”. xoxo


  2. Just love it! Thanks for posting~


  3. First time I heard this song I was ten years old sitting in a booth in a bar where my mother had left me while she wandered off somewhere. They played it often enough, or I was there long enough, that by the time she returned I’d memorized the song!


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