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Music Passion

My contribution to December’s Music Passion  (which calls for songs with the word wish in the title) is “Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye performed by Gracie Fields to entertain the British troops in World War Two.

I decided to choose a song from the 40s, following a discussion I had yesterday with one of my friends about the pricey presents children expect for Christmas these days, such as electronic goods and designer items, and how they’d look down their noses at the sort of gifts that used to fill us with excitement in our own childhoods.

But going back even further, my friend and I were still privileged compared to the children in wartime Britain. Here is a list of the sort of items they might have found in their Christmas stockings in the 1940s — if they were lucky. Many of them received far less.

one homemade toy
colouring pencils
magic painting book
pack of cards
chocolate bar or sweets
apple, orange, and nuts


You can find out more about adollyciousirony‘s monthly music challenge at

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20 thoughts on “Music Passion

  1. Love the old songs Sarah!
    As for spoilt kids, you’re so right. I refuse to give my sister’s kids toys – they will get clothes, saves their mom money 😉


    • I quite like to give clothes to my grandchildren, but this time I’m sending them gift cards as it’s safer — one for WH Smiths as my grandson likes books, and the other for Itunes, as my granddaughter is getting an Ipod for Christmas from mum (electronics and more electronics).


  2. It’s a beautiful old song Sarah and thanks for the information about children’s crhitsmas stockings in wartime Britain 🙂


    • My pleasure, as ever, dolly 🙂
      I couldn’t come up with one of my medieval or renaissance songs for this month’s challenge, as I think the word “wish” would have been associated with witchcraft back then!


  3. There was always a piece of fruit in the toe of my stocking.


  4. Congratulations, Sarah!
    I have nominated your blog for the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award.
    More on this nomination is at


    • Thank you, Skolender. I am most grateful to you for this award, and am glad you have written a post on your blog in English so I can read all about the award. I’m afraid that, although I sing many songs in your language, my vocabulary is not good enough to read a whole post!

      I will write a post about this award on my own blog this week and make sure to link it to you.

      Thank you, again 🙂


      • When I started the blog it was just for showing my paintings and thought that it was something for the family and friends. Now I realize that I went ‘international’ and when I have a little time I will make the translations on all the text. Best regards.


      • I look forward to your translations:-)
        The fact that blogging is so international, is one of the things that makes it such fun. It’s like being an armchair traveller.


  5. Jenny on said:

    I remember the stocking fillers well, Sarah!!! My Christmas presents every year from my Grandma were little knitted bags with 5 shillings worth of the old threepenny pieces that she’d saved up during the year. This was riches and mostly always spent on books. I still love receiving books or book tokens now.


    • Hi Jenny. I loved those old threepenny pieces. In fact, one of my stocking fillers as a child was a special container for collecting threepenny pieces in, and a good book I could buy every time I filled the tube. Yes, I love book tokens, too. My brother recently gave me one for my birthday and I spent it on a Stephen King novel and two other novels by my recently published friends! Merry Christmas, to you, and I hope you receive some book tokens.


  6. I’d never heard this song before. I like the old sound of it but more importantly I loke the message of encouragement.
    Interesting choice …


    • The fun thing about adollyciousirony’s monthly Music Passion challenge, is that it takes one on a voyage of musical discovery.
      I hadn’t heard this song before I went searching for a song of that theme.
      Glad you liked it.


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