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Music Passion

My music passion for November is “Thank You” performed live on Soul Train by Sly and the Family Stone. For me, this is funk/soul at its coolest, with brilliant instrumentals and effortless vocals. I challenge anyone to stay sitting still while listening to such rhythm!

The song is from Sly and the Family Stone’s album Greatest Hits, released in 1969 — words and instrumentals by Sly Stone. It is an absolute classic. Listen and enjoy 🙂    

To find out how you can join in with this month’s music passion, which calls for a song with the words “Thank You” in the title, do nip over to

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7 thoughts on “Music Passion

  1. Thanks for your entry Sarah and you’re right, this music really made me dance. It’s so cool! I love the tune 🙂


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  3. Funky indeed Sarah!!!
    Too late for me to get my passion in now. I’ll wait until next month 🙂


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